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Landscape Maintenance Districts

Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs) were formed to landscape, light, and maintain common areas, parkways and medians in the City's neighborhoods.

Over 480,000 square feet of landscaping is slated for upgrading with high-efficiency irrigation and low-water use plants. Find out more about this project...

The City of Corona has six Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs). Each has its own independent funding revenue, maintenance area, operation and maintenance costs, and special benefit zone boundaries.



  • LMD 84-2
  • Citywide Districts
  • Community Facilities Districts

Landscape Maintenance District 84-2

LMD 84-2, the City's oldest LMD, was formed following the provisions of the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972. It has has 12 independent benefit zones. Select a zone to see a map and learn more about it. Overview of all Zones.


There are additional Citywide Maintenance Districts


Community Facilities Districts

The City's other five LMDs are Community Facilities Districts (CFD). These districts were established following the provisions of the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982. Select a CFD to learn more.