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> What do all of the charges mean?

Here is a brief description of the charges on your bill:

Water: Charges include water usage and a water ready to serve charge. The ready to serve charge is for each water service connection and shall be paid by all users connected to the City's water system, whether or not any water is actually used.
Sewer: A charge is applied to each billing unit connected to the City wastewater system. This charge is generally based on the number of residential units served or the meter size.
Electric: For residential customers living in Dos Lagos, a monthly service charge is applied to each bill if connected to the City's electric system. Usage charges and taxes are also charged on each bill. Click here to see a map of the areas served by the City of Corona Department of Water & Power's Electric Utility.
EMS: The Corona EMS Subscription Program fee is a monthly fee that is charged in lieu of a per patient, per call fee for Emergency Medical Services.  The fee for individual call-outs is normally $350.00 for each patient. The $4.00 monthly subscription fee covers all permanent members of the household for as many times as you need the Fire Department during your one year subscription.  (This fee does not include ambulance costs, which are billed separately by the ambulance company.)  Call (951) 817-5780 for details on your subscription.
Refuse: The City of Corona contracts with Waste Management for trash and recycling services. The City of Corona only bills single family residential homes directly.  Monthly charges apply whether or not the user has trash for pick-up during the week. All other businesses or commercial accounts should establish trash service by contacting Waste Management directly at
(800) 423-9986.

If your property is outside of the City limits, you are responsible to contract for your own trash service with the company of your choice.

See the Trash & Recycling page for more information about this service.